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Dinamo Pitesti - Toulouse FC 1966


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Hi everyone,

My name is Valentin, and I am from Pitesti, Romania. First of all, I want to say that I am a TFC fan, because my team, FC Arges (named Dinamo Pitesti some time ago) and Toulouse have the same beautiful color, purple. :)

I am sure that you know that we had a match in past, in 1966, in UEFA Cup (CITIES FAIRS CUP). In first match in France, you beat us with 3-0, and at Pitesti we beat you with 5-1 and we qualify to the next round.

I want to ask you if you have some memories from that double-match, like pictures, programme or ticket. I know that is difficult to find something like that, but i am optimistic.

Thank you and regards from Pitesti!


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Thanks for your pic! I'm going to check what i have in my archives!

19-10-66 Toulouse FC (Fra) 3-0 Dinamo Pitesti (Rom)

[Abderhamman Soukhane 32, Pierre Dorsini 42, 45]

26-10-66 Dinamo Pitesti (Rom) 5-1 Toulouse FC (Fra)

Stadion 1 Mai.

Attendance : 15.000

[Constantin David 19, Nicolae Dobrin 51, Constantin Radu 55, 59, Mihai Turcan 90;

Edouard Wojciak 42]

Dinamo Piteşti: Coman - I. Popescu, I. Barbu, Ilie Stelian, David - Dobrin, Prepurgel - C. Ionescu, Eftimie, Ţurcan, Radu I.

Trainer : Ştefan Vasile, Leonte Ianovschi

FC Toulouse: Giuseppin - Cros, Redin, Monnin, Turraud - Bruneton, Richard - Wojciak, Soukhane, Bernard, Dorsini.

Trainer : Kared Firoud

Pictures of Toulouse team in 66 :




Debout, de g. à dr. : Guissepin, Mouthon, Richard, Monnin, Cros, Bruneton

Accroupis : Faure, Jacky Bernard, Dorsini, Wojciak, Redin

EDIT : I found nothing about the match in itself sorry... I'll have to check in my non scanned papers, but i doubt i'll have a lot of thing...

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