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Dinamo Pitesti - Toulouse FC 1966

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Hi everyone,

My name is Valentin, and I am from Pitesti, Romania. First of all, I want to say that I am a TFC fan, because my team, FC Arges (named Dinamo Pitesti some time ago) and Toulouse have the same beautiful color, purple. :)

I am sure that you know that we had a match in past, in 1966, in UEFA Cup (CITIES FAIRS CUP). In first match in France, you beat us with 3-0, and at Pitesti we beat you with 5-1 and we qualify to the next round.

I want to ask you if you have some memories from that double-match, like pictures, programme or ticket. I know that is difficult to find something like that, but i am optimistic.

Thank you and regards from Pitesti!


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Thanks for your pic! I'm going to check what i have in my archives!

19-10-66 Toulouse FC (Fra) 3-0 Dinamo Pitesti (Rom)

[Abderhamman Soukhane 32, Pierre Dorsini 42, 45]

26-10-66 Dinamo Pitesti (Rom) 5-1 Toulouse FC (Fra)

Stadion 1 Mai.

Attendance : 15.000

[Constantin David 19, Nicolae Dobrin 51, Constantin Radu 55, 59, Mihai Turcan 90;

Edouard Wojciak 42]

Dinamo Piteşti: Coman - I. Popescu, I. Barbu, Ilie Stelian, David - Dobrin, Prepurgel - C. Ionescu, Eftimie, Ţurcan, Radu I.

Trainer : Ştefan Vasile, Leonte Ianovschi

FC Toulouse: Giuseppin - Cros, Redin, Monnin, Turraud - Bruneton, Richard - Wojciak, Soukhane, Bernard, Dorsini.

Trainer : Kared Firoud

Pictures of Toulouse team in 66 :




Debout, de g. à dr. : Guissepin, Mouthon, Richard, Monnin, Cros, Bruneton

Accroupis : Faure, Jacky Bernard, Dorsini, Wojciak, Redin

EDIT : I found nothing about the match in itself sorry... I'll have to check in my non scanned papers, but i doubt i'll have a lot of thing...

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Sadly no. I don't forget you. If i find anything i'll post it here.

I have perhaps an idea where to ask. But don't expect too much.

At the same time, if you have time to scan the program of the match, it would be great :thumb:

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