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Yaya Sanogo

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il y a 4 minutes, chronos a dit :

Si ca trouve il n'est pas du tout en capacité physique de faire du sport de haut niveau et chez nous, c'est passé crème, il n'y avait pas trop de différences avec les autres :ninaj:

Chez nous c'est aux médecins qu'il aurait fallu faire passer une visite médicale parce que clairement ils avaient de la m**** dans les yeux.

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On his time at Toulouse and putting injury problems behind him

I knew the club that I was joining. I needed to play, I wanted to enjoy myself playing again. I had less fitness issues.

I must have played 70 matches, with 17 or 18 goals [it was 16].

My stats aren’t amazing, but I was able to show with my body that I am capable, I can play. I wanted to reassure myself of that.

I left for abroad when I was very young and I came to Toulouse to renew myself. I have got off on the right foot.

Over the three seasons, Max Gradel must have been top scorer, but I would have been second, having played a lot less matches. My record is not disgustingly bad.

…As soon as you do a few matches, train and regain confidence, the pleasure naturally comes back.

It gave me a lot of air, more peace. I became a little more serene. When you are held back very young by big injuries, you doubt yourself.


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Il y a 22 heures, Rémi Loret a dit :

Que ce soit Vainqueur sans club, Sanogo, Dossevi pas toujours titulaire ou Isimat Mirin parti en Major League: sa valeur marchande 400K€ à fondue en l'espace de 2 ans, pas des réussites nos ex depuis leur départ du club.

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